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Louisville, CO 80027

Unique 14k solid gold jewelry handcrafted designer rustic sterling silver jewelry with gemstones and diamonds.


My story....

I was born in a small town in northern England and spent my childhood exploring nearby woods and ponds. In my thirties I ventured further afield and while traveling in Mexico a chance encounter led me to follow my heart to the US. That chance encounter is now my husband, we have two kids and live in Louisville, CO.

I love how my life has developed and feel as though I have the best of two worlds - I still feel very English, with a European aesthetic running though my veins, while fulfilling my life now as an American.

Nature has been a connecting force in my life - whether walking the moors in Yorkshire, exploring the rugged English coast, or hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains. I was a landscape designer for many years and my preference is still to spend my time outdoors. I think it's important to connect to the natural elements around us and I try to do so at every opportunity.

Design and creating are strong energizing forces for me - they make me feel alive. I have been crafting, creating and imagining since I can remember, and whenever I felt myself pulled away from it, I was always drawn back by my own inner need.

When kids became a central force in my life I explored various creative outlets in the little spare time I had, and thought about the next direction my life would take. As my kids grew, so did I - I started classes at a local metalsmithing school, not knowing then this would become my passion and be the birth of a new career.

Now I feel fortunate that I am able to combine all that is important to me: I can design and create from home, be a present mother for my kids, use nature as my inspiration and enjoy the wonderful Colorado outdoors with my family whenever we have a chance. I hope you can see that reflected in my pieces......

I have now been making jewelry for 8 years, and selling my designs online for 6. You can see some of my sold items and reviews in my Etsy shop here -

Here are some images of my studio and process -