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Louisville, CO 80027

Unique 14k solid gold jewelry handcrafted designer rustic sterling silver jewelry with gemstones and diamonds.



I research and purchase material that is recycled, ethically mined and environmentally friendly wherever possible. All of the gold and silver I use are recycled, and obtained from Hoover and Strong. Here is information from their website - 

'All Harmony Recycled Precious Metals manufactured at Hoover & Strong including gold, platinum, palladium and silver are 100% recycled. We are audited every year by SCS Global Services, and have received the renewal certificates for 100% recycled precious metals every year since our original certification'

and - 

'Hoover & Strong has been refining precious metals for over 105 years and we pride ourselves on being the WORLD’S GREENEST REFINER!

The diamonds I use are certified conflict free. 

The leather that I use is an all natural product that will benefit from careful protection.  Leather can stretch and relax over time; stretching is not a defect in this product. As a natural feature of genuine leather, you may notice gentle shading and variations in color. You may also experience a change in the shade of the leather due to oils in the skin. As the leather I use is untreated, it is best to keep it away from direct water contact. The more moisture it comes in touch with, the lesser its life. 

Most of the turquoise I use is from mines in the American Southwest. I find that they have unique colors and matrix patterns. Some of these stones have natural fissures that are part of the matrix, they are not considered flaws, but are natural features of the stone. Some are smooth on the surface, some are not.  Turquoise is a soft stone and so may crack or chip if it is accidently dropped or struck.